• ri or ani, 20+, indonesian

  • she/they (though i'm fine with any pronouns)

  • i talk mainly in bahasa indonesia and english and sometimes i switch between languages.

  • cancer ☼ / taurus ☾ / leo ↗

  • mainly into video games and anything that's currently pretty cool

  • i'm fine with HL/BL/GL/self-ship content. i'm also ok with RPS as long as it's SFW and you don't bother the people involved and/or think they're canon IRL.

  • i talk about pretty much anything, and i switch interests/topics a lot

  • i kinda draw and write sometimes...but not really

  • i joke and make fun of my favorite characters/series very often. it's all in good fun and i don't mean most of what i say lmao

  • i separate my fictional interests from reality and i personally don't give a shit on what you like in fiction as long as you know your boundaries and that it's fiction and don't fucking harass people over it

  • my follows, RTs and/or likes does not always mean endorsements

  • i don't tag stuff other than spoilers and the usual TW/CWs but tell me if you need anything tagged

  • feel free to ask for my discord or other social media accounts, i don't mind

  • oh also feel free to follow / unfollow / mute / softblock / hardblock btw do whatever you want lol

don't follow if:

  • you're under 18

  • you harass others over what they like in fiction

  • you're uncomfortable with sociopolitical-related posts

  • you're homophobic and/or transphobic

granblue fantasy (yurius, michael, etc. / sandjeeta, luciosan, belisan, etc.)

a3! (tsumugi, tasuku / fuyugumi / tasuitatsumu, etc.)
band yarouze! (shin / osiris, blast)
d4dj (dalia, aoi / merm4id, happy around)
fire emblem awakening (panne, gaius)
fire emblem fates (ryoma, izana / izakamu)
gintama (saito, hijikata, katsura / ginzura, gintsu)
hades (artemis, zagreus / thanzagmeg)
love live! (maki, mari, ai, kanon)
musou/warriors series (dynasty/samurai/orochi)
phantasy star (PSP titles only)
sengoku basara (sasuke, masamune, tsuruhime / mitsumasa)
tokyo revengers (draken / takefuyu, maitakehina)
touken ranbu (kousetsu, shishiou, fudou / ichisetsu, shokuheshi, etc.)

abingdon boys school
dance gavin dance
king gnu
paradox live (i'm not into the lore i just think their music is neat)
shinee, block b + various kpop groups
takanori nishikawa / t.m. revolution
the weeknd

various animanga (see my anilist for the full list!)
various dramas/movies
mobile rhythm games
fighting games
a lot of media OST/BGMs
rupaul's drag race (and its intl. spinoffs)
i'm not that big into seiyuus but i like nakai and koyasu's works a lot